In this picture there is a baby tiger and a mom tiger. If you like this picture you may leave a comment. There is a music video below so if you want to hear music press the side bar and go down then press on play. You can still leave a comment on this tiger picture, but the music is pretty cool too.
 A couple days ago. I raced a girl named Anna. She beat me, but I don't care. I got 4th place. I was so excited. It was so fun at the race I did. I had the best race ever.
What are you doing today? What do you want to do tomorrow? What are you doing the day after tomorrow?
I am selling girl scout cookies. So if you would like to buy some place your order here. First ask your parents for permission. Each box is $4.00. There are Thanks-A-Lots, mango cremes, lemonades, shortbreads, thin mints, peanut butter patties, carmel delites and peanut butter sandwiches. These are all the kinds so if you want to get some press on add comment and place your order.

This is a picture of ballet shoes. I do ballet. Ballet is so fun. A few months ago I did the nutcracker. It was fun.
Many kinds of dinosaurs were fossilized. The teeth marks in fossils show what they like to eat. Scientists found lots of dinosaur bones. Trace fossils can be made of a mold and it tells you what kind of dinosaur they are. True form fossils are also called body fossils. Dinosaurs can include everything to bones, to eggs, to teeth and claws,to skin, and organs. Cast fossils are when an impression fills with mud or other mineral sediment and then is fossilized. Many kinds of fossilized dinosaurs are now living in a museum. 

This is a picture of my bunny and me.
This is a picture of my bunny with Kacey.

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