There is a lot of responsibilities for owning a pet. People need to think about how much care they will give to the pet. To own a dog there is a lot of chores you have to do. 

First you should feed your pet twice a day. You will need to take your dog out so they can do their business. They always need exercise so they get strong and healthy. You also need to train your dog so they are well behaved around other people and they don't bite.  Remember you have to pick up their business so someone doesn't step in, you know what.  Make sure to groom them and wash them so they are clean and happy.

It is also very important to LOVE YOUR DOG because they will always love you. Make sure to play with them so they have fun.  You can also let them play with other dogs if your dog is well behaved so remember to train your dog. Be very careful if dogs are playing and wrestling because if you get to close they can knock you over.  It is very wonderful to own a pet, but there are a lot of responsibilities to think about before you get a pet.
This is what i did in mexico. I swam with dolphins and it was fun. I took this picture of the dolphin.

This is a picture of the duns river falls. It is where you hike these falls. This is what i did in Jamaica, but i am not in the 

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